Use of the site and other sites of the project (the "Site" or "Sites"), as well as use of products and services offered on the site (hereinafter referred to as "Services" or "Services", except services provided under a separate written agreement) is governed by the terms of the agreement (agreement) between you (the site user) and us - the site Administration (hereinafter referred to as "Site Administration", "us" or "we ").

This document describes the main provisions of this treaty, as well as some of its conditions.


In order to be able to use the Services, you must accept the Terms. Until the acceptance of the Terms, the use of the DREAMER ACADEMY Services is prohibited.

Accept the conditions in the following ways:

  • (A) by performing an action that attests to the acceptance of the Terms (by clicking on the button, ticking the checkbox) on the page of the service order on the site;
  • (B) the actual use of the Services. In this case, you agree that we will consider the use of the Services as acceptance of the Terms.

Using the site of the project or the services offered on the site, you accept all the specified Terms. If you do not agree with the General or Additional Terms, leave the site and stop using the Services.


Terms of use of the services and materials of the site

The user can be any person who accepts the Terms and uses the site and the Services.

To purchase services, you must have full legal capacity and be a person who has reached the age of 18. When making an order for services, the user declares that he is an adult competent person and has all necessary powers to accept the Terms and payment for the Services.

Use the purchased services and attend the event is entitled only to the person in whose name the order is issued.

You understand and agree that you are violating these conditions, we have the right to terminate the provision of services unilaterally

Additional terms and conditions

Since we provide many different services, some of them may be subject to Additional Terms of Use and restrictions. Such conditions are given in the relevant sections of the site, on the pages of the order of services ("information products") or in legal notices sent to you (the "Additional Terms"). Additional terms are part of your service agreement and the use of the site with us.

We reserve the right to impose additional conditions for the use of the site and services that are mandatory for execution.


Services and free materials

The scope of the Services available to you depends on the terms of the purchased product and the package of services.

If you use the services or materials available in the open sections of the site and distributed free of charge, you receive only basic information on the topics of interest.

If you purchase a package of paid services or book participation in the event, you will receive extended information, as well as access to paid content and paid services of the site. You can purchase a separate product (package of services) for a one-time fee, book a live event (offline training, seminar) or subscribe to a monthly subscription to the Services.

Terms of using a paid subscription are governed by the relevant Additional Terms (Subscription Terms) that you accept during the subscription process.

Please note that some prepaid service packages imply access to several services or training programs (courses) at once. However, if this is not the case, you need to purchase these Services separately to receive information on additional training programs.

You are entitled at any time to change the paid package of services and switch from the purchased package of services to another package of services with a higher cost, within the same product (course), subject to a surcharge in the cost of packages. In this case, we will issue you an additional account and transfer you to another package the next day after receiving the payment.

Some training programs involve independent work and the fulfillment of certain tasks (homework assignments) that are part of the service delivery process.

Prices and services

The cost of the services you purchase (a package of services in the framework of the training program, course or monthly subscription) can be published by us on the product page, on the website or should be indicated in a written notification - a message sent to you at the e-mail address indicated at the time of registration or placing an order on the site.


By using the website or the Services, you accept these General Terms and Conditions and

Provisions, as well as our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the contents of these documents, leave the site and stop using the services.

If you registered on the site or placed an order for the services offered on the site or use our services, we can send you notices, mailings, information messages and other materials. In some cases, you can, if necessary, refuse to receive them.

You must comply with all the conditions that you will be asked to familiarize yourself with when using the services offered on the site.

You agree that you will not take part in activities that interfere with the work or disrupt the functioning of the site, the Services or associated servers and networks.

You assume full responsibility for any breach of your obligations under the Conditions, as well as for all consequences of these violations.


The procedure for the formation and conclusion of the relevant transaction (contract) depends on the product (service package) you have chosen and the method of payment, as well as whether you make an order for the Services for the first time or you already have a user account.

Registration on the site, subscription to the mailing list, ordering and payment for the Services on the site (entering your payment details) is not possible without obtaining your prior consent with these General Terms and Conditions (without the "I agree" on the corresponding check-box, under the button of registration of the order) and our Privacy Policy.

The moment of the conclusion of the contract

By visiting the site and using free materials and services posted in the open sections of the site, you sign a license agreement with us for the use of content.

By registering for a free webinar or making a free subscription to the mailing list, you sign a Service Agreement with us. In such a case, the Agreement includes the General Terms and the Additional Terms of Use of the Services.

If you purchase a prepaid package of services, you sign a Service Agreement with us when you click the "Take part" or "Buy" button (or another similar field). In such a case, the Agreement includes the General Terms and the Additional Terms of Use of the Services.

If you book a live event (offline training, intensive, coaching, seminar) on the website, you sign a Service Agreement with us when you click the "Take part" or "Buy" button (or another similar field). In this case, the Agreement includes the General Terms and the Additional Terms of Use of the Services.

In the event that the order is paid in another way, the Service Agreement is deemed to be concluded, at the time of payment by you of the invoice that we have issued.

In the process of registration of a monthly paid subscription for services, you conclude with us a Service Agreement at the time of successful entry of payment details into the payment system frame. In such a case, the Agreement includes the General Terms and Additional Terms of Use of the Services - Subscription Terms.

Purchase of several products or additional services

You can simultaneously purchase and use one or several services, having paid for the purchased package of services one-time or having issued a monthly subscription.

Correcting input errors

By registering on our website, ordering services, you can at any time interrupt the process of registration of the purchase and correct any input errors until the registration process is completed or the order is completed - payment for a package of services, payment for participation in a live event or subscription.

You can also always contact us and report any errors you've made.


One-time services

Any one-time services / prepaid packages of services purchased on the site may be offered for a certain period (have a fixed term for the provision of services). In this case, after the expiration of the specified period, the provision of services will cease automatically, at the end of the specified period of the provision of services; actions on your part aimed at stopping services are not required.


Subscriptions to our services are offered with different minimum validity periods (the minimum subscription period) and are automatically renewed for the same minimum subscription period until you or we cancel their renewal.

To avoid confusion, please note that the subscription period is determined by calendar days, regardless of whether you used the Services that you subscribed to or not.



In case of purchasing a package of services or booking a participation in a live event on the site, at the time of placing an order (successful entry of payment details into the payment system frame), the amount of the cost of the ordered services is written off and the payment card is linked to your account.

In the case of a renewable subscription to services, funds are debited from the linked card for the minimum subscription period at the time of subscription. In the case of an automatic renewal of the subscription for services for a new period, the funds are written off as an advance until the beginning of the provision of services in the new accounting period.

Non-fulfillment of payment obligations

We reserve the right to file claims for violation of the established terms of payment for services. In case of impossibility to debit the funds from your payment card or the next payment, we have the right not to start the provision of the Services or suspend their provision until their due payment.


You can see the available methods of payment for our services on the site.

In case of payment by bank transfer, you must inform us about the payment made and send an image of the documents confirming the payment for the services to the e-mail address indicated on the site.

If we pay additional commissions or incur other expenses due to the rejection of payment due to your fault (for example: there are not enough funds on the card, the credit limit on the card is already exhausted), we reserve the right to additionally write off from your card / account the amount actually incurred by us costs.

We reserve the right, at any time, at our discretion to change the payment method of the purchased product and / or to refuse the payment method offered earlier, by offering alternative methods of payment for services.


Cancellation policy

After placing an order and paying for the Services, in each individual case, you are entitled to refuse to receive the Services and receive a refund of money. You have the right to refuse to receive paid services, notifying us about this in advance.

From the date we receive a request for a refund, it depends on the possibility of a refund and the amount of the deductions related to the refund.

The policy of refusing the services provided online

You have the right to refuse to receive online services within fourteen (14) calendar days from the time you pay for the Services or subscribe, without giving reasons. In order to comply with the deadline for refusal, you only need to notify us of the refusal not later than fourteen (14) days from the date of payment for the package of services / subscription date in accordance with the established procedure.

If you notified us of the cancellation of the services within the specified period, we will return all payments received from you as payment for the product or subscription within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receipt of the return request.

In the event that you have already started using the services during the period of refusal, we will withhold from the amount paid by you, the amount of the cost of services actually rendered at the time of receiving the notice of refusal, in proportion to the amount of services already rendered, in relation to the total volume of paid services.

Cancellation policy for living events

If we received a refund request:

  • (A) no later than (14) or more calendar days before the date of the event or the date of the first lesson, regardless of the reasons for the refusal - we will refund to you all the funds received as an advance (minus commissions of payment systems associated with the refund);
  • (B) for five (5) or less calendar days before the date of the event, or on the first day of the event - we return the received funds, withholding fifty (50)% of the amount paid;
  • (С) on the day following the day of the event (the first day of the event), or later - we do not make a refund. The entire amount of the advance is withheld as compensation for damage caused by unilateral refusal of the contract.

Return processing

To refuse services and return, write to us at or request a refund from the support phone number listed on the website. We will confirm receipt of a request to return an email message to the address specified at the time of placing the order.

To make a refund, be sure to let us know: Name and email, indicated at the time of placing the order; The name of the Service (course, package of services); date of the order; information about payments; reasons for refusing services, as well as other necessary information.

You understand that if you do not provide the necessary information, we have the right to refuse to return you and not to consider your appeal.

Consequences of refusal of services

If you have made a request for a refund within the specified period, we will return all payments received as a Service (package of services, booking of participation or subscription) within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the request.

For the refund, we will use the same payment method that you used to pay for the services. We will deduct from the refund amount all additional commissions of payment systems associated with the return of payment.

If you did not use the services (did not participate in the event or training) not through our fault or refused to use the services in violation of the specified terms and procedures, the cost of paid but not actually consumed Services is not refundable. You agree that we will consider such actions as unilateral refusal of the contract.

Special failure conditions

We definitely reserve the right to set other rejection rules for certain Services (courses, products, live events, webinars, intensities, etc.) by publishing specific Terms of Disclaimer on the product page.

Postponement of the provision of Services

Not later than two (2) months from the date of payment for the Services (payment), you have the right to request the postponement of the provision of the Services for other calendar dates and receive training with the next course flow (under the equivalent participation package equivalent to the value purchased). In this case, a refund is not made, and we will inform you of the new possible calendar dates for training. The transfer of the terms for the provision of the Services is possible no more than once.

To meet the deadline, you just need to notify us in the order established for processing the request for a refund.

We definitely reserve the right to set other rules for postponing the delivery of services for individual products by publishing additional Transfer Terms on the product page.

Expiration of failure period

In the event that the Services have been rendered in full, before the expiration of the period of refusal and / or until the request for a refund (postponement of the training period) has been received, no refund is made.

In case of refusal to receive services in violation of the established procedure, no refund is made, and such refusal is considered a violation of the terms of the contract.


Depending on the services ordered or the package of services you have acquired, you gain access to certain content (information and training materials), copyrights and related rights are protected or in any case belong to us, regardless of the fact of registration and the territory of their action.

We grant you a non-exclusive non-transferable right (limited license) for the use of content for non-commercial purposes on the terms of this agreement for the entire term of rendering services, unless otherwise provided by the terms of the participation package or subscription.

You are warned that photography, audio and video recording of the learning process (seminars, master classes, webinars and live events) is strictly prohibited. In case of violation of this requirement, you will not be admitted to receive services.

Use of intellectual property

All materials posted on the site, as well as materials provided to the user during the provision of paid services (content) are subject to copyright, exclusive rights, the use of which belongs to Dr.Haitham Al Jaddah.

Free and uncompensated use of materials included in the site is limited to the use of content for personal non-commercial purposes and is not allowed in other cases.

Copying, use (reproduction) and distribution of materials posted on the site or provided to the user during the provision of paid services, as well as the use of content for the purpose of conducting competitive activities, without the written permission of the right holder, is strictly prohibited and prosecuted.

You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, exchange or resell the Services for any purpose, unless the right has been granted to you by the copyright owner in a separate written contract.

Any violation of copyright and related rights is prosecuted in accordance with the law of the country providing services and international law, and involves the onset of civil, administrative and criminal liability.


Prescriptions of the law

The provisions of the current legislation on the protection of consumers' rights regarding claims for rendering services of inadequate quality extend to arising relations, regardless of the General and Additional Terms. Your consumer rights, established by law, in any case, will not be affected.

Safeguard clause

We do not give any guarantees that using the services of the site will bring the expected result.

We can not promise you success. But, the specific learning outcomes depend on many factors that we can not influence, such as your individual learning abilities, as well as conscientious fulfillment of homework and our recommendations. Therefore, the results of different users can be very different when using the same services.

You understand that your disagreement with the opinion of our trainers or lecturers, the methodology and content of the training programs, is not the basis for a refund.


General Provisions

In the event of violation by the parties of obligations, provision of inauthentic information during the conclusion or during the execution of the transaction, the parties are liable in the prescribed manner.

We are responsible for:

  • violation of the Terms and Conditions of Service;
  • violation of terms of rendering services;
  • Providing Services of inadequate quality.

We are not responsible for:

  • the inability to provide services for reasons beyond our control, including force majeure, communication line failure, malfunction of equipment and software not owned by us
  • for full or partial interruptions in the provision of services related to the replacement of equipment, software or other work due to the need to maintain the functionality and development of technical facilities (subject to prior notification of the user)
  • breach of the security of the hardware and software used by you to obtain services
  • loss of confidential information or part thereof, if this is not our fault
  • any losses of third parties arising out of our fault.

You are responsible for:

  •  for the authenticity and correctness of the registration and payment data specified by you in the process of registering on the site or ordering services.
  •  the use by third parties of the credentials used to gain access to the Services;
  •  use of materials posted on the site or provided during the provision of the Services, with a view to their subsequent resale, distribution or transfer to third parties;
  •  violation of the Terms of Use of Services;
  •  violation of payment terms;
  •  interference in the operation of the site and available services, or attempt to access them bypassing our instructions.

Limitation of liability

Our cumulative liability for any claim or claim is limited to the amount of the purchased service of improper quality or rendered in violation of the deadline.

In case of violation by us of terms of rendering of services, our responsibility is limited exclusively:

  •  extension of the terms of services or
  •  the provision of services in a new timeframe until the full discharge of our obligations.

Responsibility of our employees and agents

In cases where our liability is limited or excluded, the same limitation of liability or its exclusion concerns our employees or agents.


Terms apply until they are changed or revoked by the Administration of the site.

Termination (withdrawal) of these Terms will not affect any legal rights, obligations and liabilities that operated for you and the Administration of the site, and arose until the Termination of the Terms.


The agreement on the use of the site (site materials) is considered concluded for an indefinite period and is valid until it is terminated by you or us.

The service agreement concluded in connection with the use of free services, the purchase of a prepaid package of services or the reservation of participation in a live event, is valid until the parties fulfill their obligations in full.

The service agreement concluded in connection with the execution of a paid subscription to the Services is valid during the subscription period and, if the subscription is prolonged (automatically renewed), is renewed for the renewal term of the subscription.


You have the right to stop using the site and services at any time, without specifying the reason, thereby, you terminate the concluded contract (renunciation of the contract).

To stop using paid services, please let us know by contacting customer support via one of the phones listed on the website.

Please note, after you have refused the services (terminated the contract), you will lose access to all purchased content and affordable services. In the event that at the time of termination of the agreement (agreement) you still have a valid subscription or access to the purchased package of services, or the right to attend a live event, any amount that you paid to pay for services and services on will not be refunded, including the amount of the cost of actually unused services.

We reserve the right to terminate the legal agreement with you without specifying the reasons, subject to sending you a written notice no later than two (2) weeks before the planned date of termination. In any case, the contract can not be terminated before the end of the minimum paid subscription period or the end of the term for the provision of services.

We can at any time cancel the agreement (agreement) with you if:

  • (A) You have violated any provision of the Terms (or have taken actions that clearly indicate your unwillingness or inability to comply with the Terms), or
  • (B) we are forced to do this under the requirements of the law (for example, if the provision of services to you is illegal or ceases to be legal), or
  • (С) The site terminates the Services in the country in which you reside or use the services, or
  • (D) the provision of services becomes unprofitable from the point of view of
    • If you try to interfere with the operation of the site or flagrantly violate the Terms, or if we suspect you of this, we may suspend or completely block your access to the site and services.

      Unilateral cancellation of the contract on good grounds

      Each party has the right to cancel the contract unilaterally for good reasons.

      In particular, we have the right to cancel your account and terminate the user agreement or cancel your subscription immediately if you repeatedly violate the terms of the contract or these General Terms and Conditions, as well as in case of arrears in payment for services.


      We process your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy; you can always find the current version of the privacy policy on the site.

      These conditions govern the collection, processing, use and protection of your personal data.

      Please note that by using the site, you consent to our privacy policy and consent to the collection and processing of your personal data on these terms. If you do not agree with them, stop using the site.


      We reserve the right to change or supplement these General Conditions by posting a notice on this page and a new edition of the General Terms. It is highly recommended that you frequently check this page and the date of making the latest changes at the top of the page.

      In case of changing the Additional Terms, we will post a new edition of the additional conditions directly on the product description page.

      If you do not object to the validity of the new Terms and Conditions and continue to use the Services, the new version of the Terms is deemed to have been accepted by you.

      You understand and agree that the use of the Services after the modification of the General or Additional Terms is considered by us as acceptance by you of these Terms.

      If you object to the new edition of the Terms, we definitely reserve the right to unilaterally terminate the contract in accordance with the established procedure.


      If you are a legal entity, an individual who has accepted the terms on behalf of your organization (to avoid misunderstandings, the term "you" for legal persons in these Conditions means an organization), represents and warrants that it is authorized to act on your behalf and has sufficient authority To accept the Terms on your behalf.

      Contact information for site administrators is at About Dr.Haitham